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ccording to IVV - Portuguese Institute of Vines and Wines, overall wine production should increase 10% in 2019/2020 from the previous campaign. Please check below how harvest season was for our producers!

Take a look below at the latest Wines and Winemakers reviews by Julia Harding for and by Mark Squires for!
2015 Pegos Claros Reserva is now available, more information about this wine from Herdade de Pegos Claros below!

According to IVV - Portuguese Institute of Vines and Wines, overall wine production should increase 10% in 2019/2020 from the previous campaign.
Please see below how was grape harvesting for our producers:
Lua Cheia em Vinhas Velhas started harvesting on September 5th with Alvarinho from Monção and Melgaço, followed by Loureiro and Sauvignon Blanc. After long working days, harvest finished with the last reception of grapes on October 5th. 

It was a year where there was no very high alcohol content contrary to the acidity that increased in almost all varieties. 

This year, Alvarinho has a good balance between alcohol and acidity, which has increase compared to previous years, making this a very special vintage. The Loureiro presented its typical aromatic expressiveness that, combined with its structure and balanced acidity, which, like Alvarinho, is higher, promising a good nectar. As for the Sauvignon Blanc, it presents a great balance highlighting the characteristic vegetable aromas of the grape variety.

It was a year with a slightly different profile, with very promising features.


2019 began to be a somewhat regular year in the vegetative development of the vine, although there have been periods of some inconsistency in our climate with the changes we have been accustomed to. 
Despite that, many positive expectations have been raised in terms of quality and quantity of grapes, which was confirmed at the end of October when harvest ended.

The harvest began on August 27th with the white grape varieties from old vineyards in the area of Murça. Harvest of the white grapes finished on September 18th and at the same time we also harvested grapes for Rosé on the 2nd and 3rd of September!
The harvest of red grapes began on September 10th with grapes from the Douro Superior sub-region and finished on October 11th with grapes from the Baixo Corgo sub-region.

Overall, grapes have good quality and expectations are high for 2019 vintage... we still have to wait, but it will certainly be a year to remember.


The year 2019 was marked by being quite dry but fresh. Following a winter and spring with temperate temperatures and little rain, the vine growing cycle has been delayed by about 2 weeks compared to the previous year.

The summer was not overly hot and the nights were always very cool. As a result we produce white wines with very balanced and relatively high acidity as well as great aromatic depth.

As for the reds, we had two well-marked styles: those that were harvested before a heat wave and that follow the whites style, and the ones that were later harvested, a little more alcoholic, structured and marked by the aromas of ripe fruits.

From a quantitative point of view, 2019 was a balanced year, in which yields were below estimates as the bunches were less heavy than reference weights in previous years.


Due to the mild and relatively dry winter and spring, in 2019 the production of our vineyards was quite balanced. The very small berries resulted in both very elegant and concentrated wines. 

The lower availability of water has also resulted in wines with slightly higher alcohol content than in previous years but very balanced with the other components of the wine.

We believe in the potential and longevity of 2019 wines produced in Pegos Claros.

Let's wait, but we are looking forward to tasting all the wines!


Reviews by Mark Squires #245, October 2019

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1386 Grande Reserva White DOC Do Tejo 2017   89+ points

Andreza Touriga Nacional/Touriga Franca DOC Douro 2016   88 points

Quinta do Bronze DOC Douro 2015   92 points

Tyo alba Merlot DOC Do Tejo 2015   88 points

Tyo alba Rose DOC Do Tejo 2018   88 points

Tyo alba Sauvignon Blanc DOC Do Tejo 2018   87 points

Tyo alba Touriga Nacional DOC Do Tejo 2016   88 points

Reviews by Julia Harding, October 2019

Click to see details:

Album Reserva Red Regional Alentejano 2017  16.5+ points

Andreza Códega do Larinho DOC Douro 2018  16 points

Andreza Reserva Red DOC Douro 2016  16.5 points

Andreza Reserva White DOC Douro 2018  15.5 points

Andreza Touriga Nacional/Touriga Franca DOC Douro 2016  16 points

Insurgente Red DOC Dão 2017  16.5 points

Lua Cheia em Vinhas Velhas Rose DOC Douro 2018  16 points

Lua Cheia em Vinhas Velhas White DOC Douro 2018  15.5 points

Lua Cheia em Vinhas Velhas White Reserva DOC Douro 2018  16 points

Maria Bonita Loureiro Vinho Verde DOC 2018  16 points

Maria Bonita Barrica Loureiro Vinho Verde DOC 2017  16.5  points

Maria Bonita Alvarinho Regional Minho 2018  16 points

Maria Papoila Loureiro/Alvarinho Vinho Verde DOC 20118  16.5 points



Pegos Claros Reserva DOC Palmela 2015

70-year-old vines

Ruby color

Aroma of black plums, red currant and a hint of menthol, with some tobacco, toast and vanilla

Full and long palate with soft tannins balanced with a nice acidity

Long and persistent finish          

Pairs well with grilled meat, game and hard cheeses 

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